Mezcal Don Amado Rústico

"92 points... a smoky, earthy mezcal with a creamy center."

“Don Amado Rústico… that one was insane, it was really good, like when I tasted it, I pictured wet wood, coffee bean, I could taste and smell the actual smashing of the piñas…."
Hippy Cholo podcast (skip to 59:00)

"This floral, silky mezcal is made in ceramic pot stills in southern Mexico's Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca. The libation is twice distilled and filtered three times for a uniquely smooth finish. The bouquet hints at vanilla and honey, while a citrus agave flavor lightens the mouth and settles quickly. The quality of Don Amado's agave is rooted in the distillery's practice of using estate-grown plants, which are hand-selected as needed for specific batches. Harvested between 27-28 brix, the high sugar agave yields a wonderfully sweet aroma. Truly a treat to be savored! This has some seriously enticing licorice, orange zest and hickory smoke aromas. The flavors are both elegant and snappy with a light earthy note, more of a feel than a flavor, coming from the traditional ceramic still used. The finish is wonderfully nutty with a light dose of vanilla. Very, very fine."

— D&M Wine Cellars

Mezcal Don Amado Arroqueño

"94 points... 2017 Best Blanco Mezcal... a wonderfully complex and smoky mezcal with great savory spiciness."

Mezcal Don Amado Largo

"93 points... A complex mezcal with oscillating fruitiness and jerk-like spiciness."

Mezcal Don Amado Pechuga

"93 points... vegetal and complex, with sun-warmed hints of fresh tomato, bell pepper and basil in the nose and on the palate."

— Kara Newman, Wine Enthuasiast

Mezcal Don Amado Reposado

"96 points... this one is a beauty... layers of dried apricot, honey, sherry, gingery spice and Scotch-like smoke."

— Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast

Mezcal Don Amado Añejo

"96 points... a regal take on what many consider to be a rustic product."

— John Rankin,

Mezcal Mina Real

"Soft, creamy, nice acidity, earthy, and a touch of spice and ripe fruit on the finish. Super refreshing and delicious. I definitely implore more people to check this out - and the price point is super nice as well!"
— Khrys Maxwell, April 2020

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