Don Amado Mezcal Rústico

"92 points... a smoky, earthy mezcal with a creamy center."

Don Amado Mezcal Arroqueño

"94 points... 2017 Best Blanco Mezcal... a wonderfully complex and smoky mezcal with great savory spiciness."

Don Amado Mezcal Largo

"93 points... A complex mezcal with oscillating fruitiness and jerk-like spiciness."

Don Amado Mezcal Pechuga

"93 points... vegetal and complex, with sun-warmed hints of fresh tomato, bell pepper and basil in the nose and on the palate."

— Kara Newman, Wine Enthuasiast

Don Amado Mezcal Reposado

"96 points... this one is a beauty... layers of dried apricot, honey, sherry, gingery spice and Scotch-like smoke."

— Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast

Don Amado Mezcal Añejo

"96 points... a regal take on what many consider to be a rustic product."

— John Rankin,

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